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助理門店經理 Assistant Shop Manager

全職 Full Time

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汽車 Motor

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你是否曾在天慧集團工作過?Have you previously worked for SW Group?

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英文姓氏:Last Name: (例子: Chan) [請與身份証明文件相同 Same as HKID/passport]

英文名字:First Name: (例子: Tai Man) [請與身份証明文件相同 Same as HKID/passport ]

首選名稱:Preferred Name: (例子: Peter)

中文姓名:Chinese Name: (例子: 陳大文)


手提電話號碼:Contact No. (Mobile)

現職/最後薪金: Current/Last Salary:

期望薪金: Expected Salary:


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Privacy Policy/Personal Information Collection Statement



The information provided in this form will be used for assessing your application. Upon confirmation of employment, you will also need to fill out a form to provide supplementary personal information.  All personal data collected in these forms will be used for the purposes of recruitment assessment, employee benefit assessment, staff planning, training, promotion and job transfer etc. For the above purposes and statutory requirements, your personal data may also be transferred to banks, insurers, provident fund managers, professional talent agencies or other service providers. Please inform the Human Resources Department as soon as possible for any amendments or inquiries to your personal data. You understand that the relevant personal information is provided by you voluntarily and guarantee that it is true and valid.  If you are unable to provide some or all of your true and valid personal information, in this case, it may affect our assessment of your employment or benefits.

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