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產品研發經理 Product Development Manager

全職 Full Time

餐飲 Catering



Job Responsibilities

‧Lead the creation, development, and coordination of new product development initiatives, ensuring they align with the brands' food concept requirements and market trends
‧Collaborate closely with internal teams to strategize and plan product development schedules and revamp menus to stay competitive in the market
‧Provide effective coaching and training to related staff, fostering smooth production processes and ensuring strict adherence to quality standards
‧Supervise and manage daily kitchen operations during store duty when necessary, maintaining a high level of efficiency and productivity
‧Ensure all products are produced in a timely manner and meet excellent quality standards
‧Actively participate in new product development initiatives, including generating innovative concepts, conducting recipe testing, and planning successful product launches
‧Contribute to cost control efforts by identifying opportunities for ingredient substitutions, implementing portion control measures, and optimizing production processes



‧Competitive salary package

‧Various caring leave types

‧Great learning and career development platform

‧Excellent working environment

With 10 years or above proven experience in product development within the food and beverage industry, Japanese cuisine experience will be an advantage

Strong understanding of market trends and the ability to translate them into innovative product concepts

Excellent project management skills, with the ability to prioritize and meet deadlines

Experience in coaching and training staff to ensure consistent production quality

Knowledge of cost control principles and the ability to review and adjust recipes and ingredients accordingly

Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, including operations, marketing, and procurement

Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Flexibility to adapt to changing priorities and work in a fast-paced environment

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