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About SW Group


Our Story

  • Since the establishment of the SW Group, the Group's founder has always believed that best business practice is to contribute to the society in many ways.

  • The story of our Group's rapid business growth in recent years: our Group started in financial technology and property investment, then further extended to catering, new retail, motor, luxury, digital technologies, and agriculture, totaling 8 business units.


Our Business Philosophy

  • SW Group adheres to a "customer-centric" business philosophy, providing customers with a high-quality lifestyle platform through diversified business segments.

  • We are pragmatic and dedicated partner, with a wealth of network and professional knowledge in Hong Kong and around the world. This enables us to understand market changes and cater to consumers' evolving needs rapidly.

  • To our customers, we are honest and reliable industry expert, and supplier underpinned by a core value of business integrity.

  • To the public, we stand for quality, convenience, and a superior value for money proposition.

  • To our employees, we are a people orientated employer, striving to continually elevate our employees' core competencies and job satisfaction.


Our Management Team

Professional, Pragmatic, and striving for Excellence

  • We are committed to building a high performing, resilient and agile organization, to meet the needs of our rapid business growth.

  • Our Management Team is devoted to upholding standards of business practices and corporate governance in order to safeguard the Group's reputation and the interests of the Company.

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