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The new luxury business is dedicated to bringing the joy of mixing stylish fashion and introducing the uprising fashion boutique brands over the world, with a team of experienced buyers who travel around the world to collect high-quality and rare luxury merchandise. In 2023, the business focuses on launching its very first online business in mainland of China and Hong Kong, featuring a number of international well-known brands including: Hermes, Celine, Gucci & Louis Vuitton, etc. The unique online shopping experience allows the business to achieve much more prominent market positioning in the regions it serves.


1 Klick-De-Luxe

錨點 1


"1Klick-De-Luxe", is a brand of the main luxury line under Top Fashion, which promotes luxury products at an international level in the market. It will establish Hong Kong as the origin of brand development and serve global customers through the establishment of an online shopping platform. While selling luxury products, it also introduces new international designer brands through its B2B and C2C digital commerce, bringing new impact to today's luxury brands.

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