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The catering business of SW Group is diversified in Hong Kong, providing the high-quality delicacies. The Chinese restaurant “Victorian Era” provides handmade Dim Sum and exquisite Hotpot presenting the concept of mix-and-matching of the 50’s to 60’s oriental and western culture.

The Yakiniku restaurant "Wagyu Yakiniku Ichiro" promotes Wagyu with unique "Birth ID" under the "Individual Identification System of Cattle" to offer 100% Japanese Wagyu to customers. The other Yakiniku restaurant "Saburo Japanese Yakiniku" offers a relaxing ambience that featured with the traditional Japanese culture of "Wabi-sabi", with a wide range of rare cuts of Wagyu to provide an extraordinary tasting experience of Japanese Wagyu. The intriguing “Voynich” presents a unique and mysterious culinary by incorporating the essence of traditional Chinese cuisines. "Tani Bento" delivers fresh-made Japanese bento to different districts daily via the Group's vending machines network. The dessert café "Bite by Bite" focuses on the fusion cuisine of localized snacks, drinks and desserts to reinterpret the taste of Hong Kong Street food. The “Central Kitchen”, which has certificated ISO 22000, provides high-quality food production service with strict hygiene control and standardized quality.


Victorian Era


Wagyu Yakiniku Ichiro

Saburo Japanese Yakiniku

 Bite by Bite

Tani Bento

All About Eat


Soul Guide

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"Victorian Era": Three restaurants located in Jordan, Tsuen Wan and Causeway Bay, with approximately 25,000 sq ft. blend the unique mixture of oriental and western cultures in Hong Kong in the 1950s into the food served. Our chefs carefully select high-quality ingredients from all over the world. To magnify the enjoyment of visual, olfactory, and taste experiences, different kinds of flowers are featured to bring you elegant aromas as the introduction while making the savory of the healthy and beautifying soup bases as the main axle. Shuttled through time and arrived at "Victoria Era", guests may taste the good old days with the essence of the ingredients, and embark on a brand new exquisite culinary journey.


Covering more than 14,000 ft², a brand-new concept restaurant with the theme of traditional English style, 《Voynich》, is now open in the premier shopping destination Harbour City right at the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Inspired by a movie scene, 《Voynich》 contains a great number of characteristics from movie elements to present a unique decoration style. Bringing you a series of exquisite and distinctive dining experiences and striving to become the top Chinese food brand in Hong Kong, 《Voynich》 presents both luxurious design concept and a tasteful environment for our guests to enjoy the high-quality dining experience with an elegant and mystery décor.

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Four restaurants located in Jordan, Tseung Kwan O, Causeway Bay and Tsuen Wan with a total area of around 22,000 sq ft.  "Wagyu Yakiniku Ichiro" pioneers the concept of "Yakiniku Shinkansen", an intelligent automated dish delivery system, in Hong Kong, to deliver the fresh Wagyu to customers, bringing an innovative dining experience to customers and enabling a faster and hygienic delivery.  As one of the largest quantity of imported Japanese Wagyu restaurants in Hong Kong, "Wagyu Yakiniku Ichiro" imports over 10 Wagyu per month, and we offer the premium and rare part of Wagyu, Chateaubriand, in addition to the premium ribeye, fillet, sirloin to Wagyu lovers.


"Wagyu Yakiniku Ichiro" imports Wagyu with unique "Birth ID". Customers can review information such as the birthplace, gender, breed, and breeding ranch of all our Wagyu by tracking with the Birth ID in the National Livestock Breeding Website.

Located in a new landmark commercial building, H Zentre, in Tsim Sha Tsui, with around 3,000 sq. ft. Its design is inspired by the aesthetics of traditional Japanese culture of “Wabi-sabi” with decoration of various materials such as wood, stone and handmade cement bricks. The restaurant offers a relaxing ambience with a minimal yet elegant décor, featuring the traditional Japanese culture of “Zen”. Highlighted by a wide range of rare cuts of Wagyu, all of our premium Wagyu is delivered from Japan. Our chefs innovatively blends the concept of Omakase with the Japanese-style Yakiniku, aiming to deliver a contemporary, luxury dining experience to all diners. With seasoning as simple as sea salt, our Wagyu quality could truly be appreciated.


Diners, who are craving for deliciously grilled Wagyu, may enjoy our Omakase courses at the bar counter and get served by our professional chef with rich experience and superb cooking skills. We share the stories of Wagyu and everything you want to know about yakiniku. "SABURO Japanese Yakiniku" cherishes your visit, and aims to introduce the exquisite food and skillful service to complete your enticing gourmet journey with us.


Soul Guide

Inspired by the well-known Hong Kong local food culture - Dai Pai Dong, “Soul Guide” . The restaurant is located on 2nd floor of Tern Plaza, No.5 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, covering around 5,000 sq. ft.The brand employs modern interpretations of traditional Hong Kong style as the design concept and brand image.The restaurant features local foods from all around Hong Kong, satisfying guests’ tastes.

Combining innovative design and nostalgic Hong Kong style.Transmission of traditional culture

“Soul Guide” presents traditional Hong Kong style in a trendy and contemporary design by referring to the characteristics of nostalgic Hong Kong stalls like green tin sheets, canvas shelters, folding tables and stools in the 80s to 90s.

The restaurant has open stalls for stir-fried dishes, Chiuchow marinated dishes, barbecues and drinks.Not only displaying the ingredients,guests may also choose what to eat,and even personalize the portion and flavor,bringing guests an interesting experience of the welcoming and lively atmosphere in Dai Pai Dong.

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 Bite by Bite

Inspired by the authentic and classic local food culture, we've created a brand-new dining space, Bite by Bite, a Hong Kong homegrown casual dining concept located in Mong Kok with approximately 1,200 sq. ft. dining area, serving creative and modern reinventions of classic street food and local desserts with East-meets-West influences.


We design the "NEW-OLD" flavours and embrace local food art by combining traditional and modern taste in a plate and levelling up the overall unexpected dining experience with trendy food ingredients and options available for the common dietary needs.

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Tani Bento

Food Vending Machine: "Tani Bento" is a Japanese style bento vending machine.  The bento is made in our ISO 22000 certified central kitchen daily.  The bento will remain at 60-65°C in the vending machine.  After payment, you only need to wait just for about 17 seconds to get the bento.  "Tani Bento" is launched in the Science Park, the Hong Kong Baptist University, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Harbourside HQ and Kwan Chung's Metro Loft so that office staff and students can enjoy a Japanese style lunch.  "Tani Bento" will soon be stationed in other locations, so stay tuned.


All About Eat

Central Kitchen: is the first central kitchen located in Kwai Chung district and a self-owned property covering an area of about 7,500 sq. ft.It provides high-quality bento and fresh food packaging services that standardize our food quality and comply with our strict hygiene and food safety standards with ISO 22000 certification to make all food products become the indicators of "value for money" in Food & Beverage industry.
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