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A new concept deluxe Chinese restaurant - 《Voynich》is officially open in Harbour City

A new concept deluxe Chinese restaurant - 《Voynich》is officially open in Harbour City

Covering more than 14,000 ft², a brand-new concept restaurant with the theme of traditional English style, 《Voynich》, is now open in the premier shopping destination Harbour City right at the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Inspired by a movie scene, 《Voynich》 contains a great number of characteristics from movie elements to present a unique decoration style. Bringing you a series of exquisite and distinctive dining experiences and striving to become the top Chinese food brand in Hong Kong, 《Voynich》 presents both luxurious design concept and a tasteful environment for our guests to enjoy the high-quality dining experience with an elegant and mystery décor.

1. The reception area

Using Russian roulette as the reception entrance, we welcome our curious and adventurous guests to join the nation of mystery – 《Voynich》, who will be expecting surprises after entering the venue.

2. The Room of Curiosity - Bar Area

The first stop of《Voynich》is the bar area which contains a great number of characteristics from forest elements like animals and insect specimens as decoration. The design is inspired by the hunter’s house, using wood, ore and leather as the foundation to create an atmosphere of hunter’s house. Our guests may enjoy the decoration with their curiosity while looking forward to the food about to be served.

3. The Bespoke Wardrobe – Dining Area

The dining area, “The Bespoke Wardrobe” is based on the concept of gentlemen’s wardrobe. The dining area, containing lots of gentlemen’s clothing elements like shoes, tie, and suits, together with tables of marble patterns, presents a stylish atmosphere for our guests.

4. The Room of Wisdom– Dining Area

“The Room of Wisdom” is inspired by James Bond’s DB5 car, with bumper and tire featuring as the lighting, combining vintage and modern at the same time. Our guests may enjoy the food and all the details inside Voynich.

5. The Room of Grand Tour –Dining Area

“The Room of Grand Tour”, the dining area, is inspired by the tropical rainforest design, which symbolizes the sense of vision of traveling around the world. As a restaurant combining the Chinese and Western styles, it allows guests to broaden their horizons and enjoy the extraordinary style of the restaurant.

6. The Game Room – VIP room

The dining table designed in a chessboard style and elegant wine cabinet bring our guests to experience more than just a luxurious texture of dining but also enjoy the private space like a secret gentleman club in the city.

7. Hot air balloon – outdoor area

You may enjoy our exquisite cuisine and the harbour view in our outdoor area inspired by the hot air balloon in Cappadocia. You may also retaining visual enjoyment and comfort at the same time to create a special dining experience in 《Voynich》.

《Voynich Sigature Dish》

《Voynich Cocktail - Voynich Secret》

8. A New Dimension of Classic Cantonese Cuisine

From a selection of fine and fresh ingredients to mysterious techniques presenting the dishes, 《Voynich》 delivers an unforgettable culinary journey through the flavorful Cantonese cuisine in this special agent secret collection. Along with a world-class selection of classic cocktails, bespoke creations, and specialty spirits, 《Voynich》 curates an extraordinary dining experience with a variety of exquisite food. Signature dishes include Signature Wagyu Beef Treasure Box, evolving from Sichuan boiled beef, which is more suitable for the taste of Hong Kong customers; the ground-breaking Signature Soup with various precious ingredients; and the Crispy Salted Chicken, the must-try Instagram-worthy dish with the fragrant rose spirit when it is lit.


Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 12:00-23:00

Address: Shop 401, Level 4, Ocean Center, Tsim Sha Tsui

Reservation No.: 26882408

WhatsApp: 66396688



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