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Congratulations! Saburo Japanese Yakiniku winning the“Honorary Award” in the Japanese Wagyu Auction

The “World Wagyu Championship” Auction of Japan was successfully held on 25th March at the "Wagyu Master Meat Center" in Himeji City, Higashi-Cho. Congratulations to “Saburo Japanese Yakiniku” in being invited to the Auction and winning the bid for the top prize of the Japanese Wagyu “Honorary Award”, with bidding price over yen 10 million.

The long-awaited Auction held in Japan’s "Wagyu Master Meat Center" is a signature auction in the industry. For the first time, foreign buyers were officially invited to participate in this auction, which attracted the world's top restaurants and well-known Japanese Wagyu buyers from more than ten countries and regions, including America, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

In contrast to other auctions, top 100 premium quality Wagyu from over 150 Wagyu of the specific or regional breeds were selected for bidding, covering 100 famous brands of Wagyu from different regions in Japan, such as Kobe beef, Matsusaka beef, and Omi beef, etc.

Wagyu prizes at the Auction are classified into four levels, including “Honorary Award”, “Best Award”, “Excellent Award”, and “Good Award”. “Saburo Japanese Yakiniku” successfully won thetop prize of the Japanese Wagyu “Honorary Award” in the bidding. This is a very honorable bidding achievement. In addition to being honored to be able to bring the top prize of the Japanese Wagyu “Honorary Award” back to Hong Kong to share with you, “Saburo Japanese Yakiniku” also shows its persistence and pursuit of high-quality Japanese Wagyu to the world. We are very proud and happy to share this glory with you. Please continue to support “Saburo Japanese Yakiniku”, and we will continue to provide quality Japanese Wagyu to you.

Saburo's team successfully won the Japanese Wagyu " Honorary Award ".

The team was fully focused at the auction site.

The team carefully learned about the high-quality Wagyu cattle raised on the ranches before the auction. Saburo Japanese Yakiniku

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