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Modern Local Dessert & Snack Space 'Bite by Bite' Lands in Langham Place Mong Kok Fulfill Cravings for Street Snack & Desserts Wandering in One Fell Swoop

Hong Kong Homegrown Brand "Bite by Bite" Lands in Langham Place Mong Kok - Mong Kok is a melting pot of cuisines around the world, but one of the most authentic flavors must be Hong Kong street foods. Local original brand "Bite by Bite" is opening its second branch located in Mong Kok, showcasing its Hong Kong-style street food desserts and snacks to the Langham Place mall starting from January 12, 2024. The new shop aims to capture the vintage textures and details of old Hong Kong through its décor and environment. Industrial elements like metals, patterned steel, and brick accents are incorporated in a color palette of white, beige, gray, and yellow tones. Street scenes from Hong Kong’s narrow alleys are featured through elements like neon lightboxes, mural paintings, brick walls, etched glass, decorated security gates and more. Diners may enjoy Hong Kong's authentic snacks, desserts and beverages while taking in the unique ambiance inspired by the "streetscape" surroundings!

Bite by Bite brings a new wave of local desserts and snacks to foodies, offering "freshly-made, high quality at reasonable prices". With a New Combo Menu starting from just $60 per person and over 30 delicacies to choose from, Bite by Bite breathes new life into nostalgic Hong Kong classics, creatively repackaging local flavors. For desserts, there is newly created Hong Kong-style featured Egg Waffle with flavors including HK Desserts Collection: Local Egg Tart, Steamed Ginger Egg White Pudding and Charcoal Black Sesame. The Egg Waffles are crispy on the outside with oozy fillings, offering 8 basic and 8 special flavors, along with 27 topping options to please every palate. Elevating Hong Kong street foods with premium ingredients, Bite by Bite provides dishes such as Fish Maw Imitation Shark Fin Soup with Konjac Noodle and Siu Mai with Dried Radish and Shrimp Oil prepared in stir-fried style. Combined with artisanal beverages that prioritize ingredient selection, such as the use of labeled healthy sugar in Agave Syrup and Koyamaen matcha powder, Bite by Bite provides guests with a healthy and additive-free experience.


Desserts by bite

Introducing 16 Recommended Egg Waffle Flavors - Popular Signature Mixes and First-in-Hong Kong Desserts Collection

Egg Waffle has a total of 8 basic flavors, including HK Desserts Collection: Local Egg Tart, Steamed Ginger Egg White Pudding, Charcoal Black Sesame, and The Classic, D24 Durian & Cheese, Chocolate Chip, Jujube, Koyamaen Matcha & Cream Filling. These flavors are crafted in the style of Hong Kong-style sweet soup, featuring egg waffles with plump and soft fillings in every bite.

In addition, we offer 8 special flavors, allowing you to create the perfect Mix & Match combination that suits your preferences. It is especially ideal for those who have difficulty in choosing and want to try a variety of ingredients in one go! The flavors include Berrylicious, Black Forest, Eggy Durian, Jujube Brown Sugar Ginger, Matcha Red Bean Mochi, Time for Tea, Mango Sago and Black Sesame Sweet Dumplings. Each flavor comes pre-combined with 3-6 ingredients, ensuring a burst of flavor and deliciousness in every bite!


For those who prefer to customize their own combinations, we also have 27 additional toppings to choose from. You may freely Mix & Match to create the perfect blend that satisfies your taste buds!

New Combo Menu— Over 30 delicacies to choose

New Launch "Combo Menu" starts from just $60 per person, and over 30 delicacies to choose from. Customers may curate their perfect feast, including appetizers, snacks, main dishes, rice/noodles, desserts and drinks, up to six sweet or savory bites for only $130!Bite by Bite breathes new life into nostalgic Hong Kong classics, creatively repackaging local flavors.


Bite by Bite (Langham Place)

Address: Shop 8, 4/F, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok

Tel: +852 2318 1928

Opening Hours: Mon to Sun 11:30 - 22:30




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