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The Love Meal Distribution events

From 8th to 12th January 2024, the Jordan branch of "Wagyu Yakiniku Ichiro" and "Victorian Era" (hereinafter refer to as "the Restaurants") organized a five-day community outreach event (hereinafter refer to as "the Event"). The Event aimed to continue the vibrant atmosphere of the Temple Street Night Market and express gratitude to the local community. Utilizing the proceeds raised from the Event, the Restaurants held the event of daily free distribution of 200 love-filled meal boxes for consecutive days. So far, a total of 1000 meal boxes have been distributed as to support the local community and give feedback to the neighborhood. Gratitude to all the enthusiastic residents for their sincere support is much appreciated.

The Love Meal Distribution event, aimed at bringing warmth to the community, received enthusiastic participations from individuals among different sectors. On the first day, child star - Sean Wong from "Time Still Turn The Page" joined in, personally delivering the love meal boxes to residents in the Jordan district. Subsequently, celebrities including but not limited to Chan Sin Ting (Midlife, Sing & Shine! 2), Fanny Lee Man Fan, Kawaii, Tang Kakit, Carson from "King Maker V", TaoTao, Rachel lee, HK Eastern basketball team and Eastern FC attended the Love Meal Distribution events as a gesture of community support.

The cost of living in Hong Kong nowadays continues to rise, and the Restaurants deeply understand that many citizens in the community are facing various life pressures and concerns about not having enough food. The Restaurants hope to express their gratitude by distributing free meal boxes. In the future Events, the Restaurants will deliver the love-filled meal boxes to the residents with the participation of their own staff. This act of kindness aims to support the local community and provide assistance to the neighborhood to the best of their abilities. The Restaurants hope to bring warmth and support to the community.

The Restaurants firmly believe that as a part of the community, they have a responsibility to contribute to society and be sensitive to the needs of the community. They sincerely invite you to participate in and witness this community outreach event in the future, as together, to bring positive energy to the Hong Kong community.


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